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The Clevertest Plus System will provide more accurate testing by ensuring no fittings are missed during a test event.

The Clevertest Plus (CTP) system is designed to provide building owners and electrical contractors with a cost-effective and thorough means of managing emergency lighting. Despite our connected world, the vast majority of new installs continue with manually tested fittings and paper-based compliance reports which are time-consuming, inefficient, often inaccurate and difficult to access. To overcome these issues, the Clevertest Plus System brings automatic testing, site management and compliance reporting to the mobile world; your accurate site information will now be available where you want it and when you want it.

Features and benefits of the Clevertest Plus System

  • Fittings automatically test every six months
  • Does not require a test switch at the switchboard
  • No need for a data cable, wireless connection or centralised PC
  • Complies with BS EN 62034 automatic testing requirements
  • Compliance reporting available instantly on phone or Web portal
  • No need for any paper-based log book
  • Order replacement parts or products on the App using fault reports
  • Provides an accurate diagnosis of lamp, battery or control gear for each faulty fitting

Manage compliance with ease and save money at the same time.

Manual Testing for Emergency Lighting
CleverSparky Testing Option for Emergency Lighting


  • Activate the Clevertest Plus function using the test button or via breaker
  • (See CTP Quick Guide for details)


  • Collect the test results from the status LED on each fitting using the camera function on your phone
  • The collected results are then used to build electronic fault, maintenance and log book reports for site with the touch of a button


  • The information collected by your phone is available through the cloud to a web based app where you can manage site data with ease


  • Clevertest Plus System is the perfect interface to manage all your site data, and to produce fault, maintenance and log book reports
  • Create a team structure and invite your staff or external resources to view and test your sites where required
  • Save time by uploading initial site and fitting information via a CSV file to the web app

What emergency lighting compliance system is right for me?

Simple Fitting Installation
Backbone Hardware
Automatic Testing
Automatic Results Collection
Auto Faulty Fittings Report
Electronic Reports
Electronic Maintenance Log
Network or Cloud Access Reports
Precise Test Time Configuration
Remote System Access and Configuration
BMS Integration
Real-Time Site Alerts
Clevertest Plus System Logo


Zoneworks® XT is a fully featured emergency lighting monitoring system that is suitable for medium to large sites where the flexibility and efficiency of a completely automated and computerised system provides maximum advantages.


The CTP System is suitable for the simplest and smallest of sites, right through to medium and large installations where compliance and low ownership costs are important.

What do I need for the CTP System?

Clevertest Plus Emergency Lighting Testing

All CLP & L10 fittings are Clevertest Plus System compatible at